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"Happy Herbal - 石垣島北部"

The organic herb farmer rocks nowadays the markets with healing herbs and making a viable living for everybody! Locally grown happy herbs will be embraced by local food movements as more community herbalists get the word out.

The challenge

Since there are nowadays here in Okinawa many, many lil herb family businesses storming the shelves of all kind fancy selling facilities - It was all in the name for me. As they say, the name really did say it all. And - Happy Herbal - it was. So they took my sage advice not to be another green washed brand. Starting with a "positive" name and showing off the nicely and carefully picked all different looking and good smelling mixed up things. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Blossoming across supermarkets through the labels. But more importantly, it has made them the natural, everyday addition to everybody's shopping trolley.

Services Provided

The goals

Establishing "Happy Herbal - 石垣島北部", a lil family business in the north of Ishigaki Jima.
  • Market research
  • Creating Name & Logo
  • Creating product specific labels
  • Overlooking packaging production
  • Spread the Word


Let’s start at the beginning.

Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common. I want to know everything! Where comes all the ingredients from? First things first - a trip in the jungle, where some of the herbs are growing wild and crazy. And a visit to the farm. Huge patches of Moringa and all kind of local green. Fresh and lush healthiness all over the place. Then I checked with the local shops to see how the products are presented.
Where will be the packaging produced? What will be the production value? Who are the customers and why they care?
It is always the same: the only way to solve a problem is to understand it from every angle.

Happy Herbal Labels

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